CNC Controls

Imagine this...Your Control goes down, but you are not concerned! In a few minutes you determine that it is the computer. So, you go into the office, take one from a secretary's desk, reinstall your software, and in an hour or so you are back up and running! No wait for some one to fly in to make the repair! No need to buy expensive proprietary cards anymore! Just you and your software! The future is NOW! Call us to make it happen!

Check Out The Details From One Of The Machines Currently In Production

Camsoft CNC Display

Reynolds Retrofit

"The obsolete control was dead and we were unable to get any support from the factory on our old 2000C control. It had been down for 2 years when we installed our new CamSoft control, and after training on the control interface by AIM Controls, we brought the old machine back to life! It would have cost over $2 million to replace the machine, but the steel was good.

"Now, if our control ever dies, we can run down to Radio Shack, buy a new computer, install our motion and I/O cards, load CamSoft and our machine specific program and then we're back in business! No more waiting on factory technicians to show up weeks later!"